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  • Donald Trump taped TV host Billy Bush suspended

    Billy Bush said in his reaction that they may be ashamed and confounded.
    American television Host Billy Bush suspended the program host NBC after the Republican birthday party's presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on videotape.
    application "these days" govt aupnhym Nava isn't any forgiveness cat's language and conduct of the group of workers wrote the packages overlaying topics being aired inside the morning "tape."
    Billy Bush stated in reaction that "embarrassed and ashamed".
    since being recorded inside the 2005 US presidential candidate Trump had taped specific conversations which he also apologized.
    the usage of express language in the Donald Trump speakme about girls with Billy Bush.
    Hosted by means of former US President George W. Bush's close courting and say that all this 11 years ago, after they have been younger, much less experienced and he mindless action and for this they've to mention sorry .
    Donald Trump referred to as them the 'empty words' and' locker conversations "in Rome
    Donald Trump spoke on behalf of the Republican celebration's senior leaders were subjected to complaint, at the same time as Democrat Hillary Clinton has called it 'excellent'.
    The Donald Trump referred to as them the 'empty words' and' locker conversations "in Rome.
    The cat Bush's software became established inside the 12 months to August be part of nowadays group, they 2009 before this system Oxus Hollywood, hosted from 2010, Oxus films combined stay. were hosted.
    Aupnhym Nava said that this became just a 'overview' and i informed Billy Bush that not anything may be suspended for goodbye.

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  • Second debate Hillary Trump, strong criticism of Bill Clinton

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump your opponent on expenses of molesting the girls in opposition to Hillary Clinton and her husband, is a top notch counter-attack against former President invoice Clinton.
    The rain made full of life expenses towards the accused denied the sexual assault of ladies and with former President bill Clinton.
    * Trump are foolish and helpless Hillary
    He stated, 'Do not ever handed a person in politics who use such filthy language against girls. "
    Clinton avoided speak me about his allegations approximately her husband.
    Trump-hosted debate while the invoice started out the series of allegations in opposition to Clinton Anderson Cooper are struck brag about molesting his interest to the women who made the video become recorded in 2005.
    Donald Trump known as them the 'empty words' and' locker conversations "in Rome.
    while pressured that they may be concerned in a number of unacceptable sexual denied that Mr. Trump. instead, he grew to become to the costs towards Mr. Clinton caught within the route of the controversy.
    In any crook court cases on costs of sexual attack against Mr. Clinton has no longer been activated.
    Clinton stated Mr Trump's version of the usa against "folks that are absolutely represents him.
    "i've expressed confrontation with the presidential candidates, but raised questions about ever being suitable for their president.
    Clinton emails 2d debate become held in Washington university, mentioned US coverage, america economy and the position of Syria and Iraq among presidential applicants Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump within the america.
    A press convention together quickly after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's accused of sexual harassment by way of former and trump rival Hillary Clinton's husband, invoice Clinton's the begin of the controversy.
    each candidates made at some stage in the debate once more undeserving for the presidency and a liar like to say.
    Hillary Clinton said that "It is not get up eligibility chaired by way of Donald Trump to offend girls but rises due to hit different agencies, consisting of African people, immigrants and Muslims from Donald. '
    The timely record to the correct authorities approximately extremist Muslims dwelling inside the US Trump stated.

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  • Democracy and Dictatorship

    Democracy is a system in which the people elect their representatives. the representatives of the people from the government and the opposition.

    Dictatorship is a system in which one person or one party rules over the people. the person who rules is called 'dictator'.He does not allow others to say or do anything against him. He does not give political freedom to other .But he may bring about a quick change in the country for the good of the people.

    there are general elections in a democracy from time to time.The people can easily change their rulers by electing new ones.But in a dictatorship.the people can not change the government so easily.

    Democracy is a better system of government than others. In it the people enjoy more political freedom.They can Criticize the government and  change the rulers.For example, the people and their representatives in America did not Like president Nixon to rule.They easily changed him and got a new president.

    In a dictatorship, the people can not openly Criticize the government .They cannot easily Change their rulers even when they are not working well.

    In a democracy ,newspapers, radio and television are quite free. The supporters of all the parties can express their ideas through them .But in a dictatorship the government controls them.

    Democracy in any country can succeed on some conditions. First of all the people on general should be properly educated .Secondly the people in general should be prosperous.then their votes can not be purchased .thirdly , the people should enjoy the basic freedoms, for example, freedom of speech, freedom of publication, freedom to join a political party etc.

    Fourthly, there should be equality before the law.All the people , high and low, rich and poor, should be punished equally if they break the law.


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