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Withdraw Money From Payoneer to Bank account in Pakistan

Payoneer is best alternative to Paypal in Pakistan. And now Payoneer has decided to expand its services in Pakistan. Payoneer is going to allow Pakistani users to withdraw their funds to local banks in Pakistan.

Before this, Users could only withdraw money from  ATMs in Pakistan. If you don’t have a Payoneer card yet you can get it.just sign up on payoneer.com. and fill your details.Its free and you will get $25 reward. once you sign up you can apply for  payoneer master card like below image.



 Now You Can Withdraw Money From  Payoneer to Bank account in Pakistan

 you can add your bank account in your Payoneer dashboard, and when approved, you’ll be able to make withdrawals to your bank.

 How to add a bank account in Payoneer

To add a bank account,  login to your account, and see the option “Withdraw” in the top menu, mouse over that and you’ll see “to bank account”, just click that and you should be able to see the following page:


click “+ADD NEW”, and you should see the following page as showing in the pic below,


You should be able to see the following Form for adding your bank account Details :



Add your bank account details in the above form and click on submit.Once it Approved .you can withdraw money in your Bank account in pakistan.

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