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How to get a approved adsense account in three hours

Today i am sharing new trick to get your google adsense account in just three hours.Read the following instructions well and you’ll soon get approved in Adsense just 2 or 3 hours.
step 1:
clear your browser cookies and create a google account .and give your location as usa.

step 2:
login to YouTube with newly created google account and upload some videos to YouTube.

step 3: 

click on gear icon for setting as picture below

step 4:
click on view additional features see picture below

step 5:
now you see monetization option click on enable .see picture below

step 6:

click on enable my account. in new windows click on monetiz .now its time to accept term and condition .mark all and click iaccept .

step 7:

now its time to create a adsense account.click on channel you can see monetization below channel.then click on monetization in left side you will see "how will i be paid" click on it.below this option you can see a link "associate an adsense account" click this link . see picture below.


step 8:

 It will open a new window click on next it will take you to a new page of google adsense. see below pic


step 9:

now click on  create a account.fill all field correctly. and wait for 2 or three hours .you will receive a mail from google adsense that your account approved successfully.for more please give your comments or contact us.







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