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How to Make your own mp3 website Free

salam to all friends.today my subject is about How to Make your own  mp3 site Free.

to build your own mp3 ,music website with word press or blogspot free ok follow my step by step instructions.

 find a media host website to host your mp3 files

To host your mp3 files balochsangat.com is best.join this websit click here

click join now see picture below.



Fill form user name ,password, email as picture below: 


upload your mp3 songs follow 3 steps see pics:

step 1:


step 2:


step 3:



Build a website with Blogger

make your website with blogger go to blogger.com signin with your google account or create a new and login. after when you logged in follow these steps:

step 1: click on new blog see picture:


Step 2: write your website name and address ,select a template and at the last click create blog. see picture below:

 How to Write First Post

step 1: click on new post see picture below:

 step 2: write your singer name, add picture  ,album details and labels see picture  1 below :and then click html for to add songs



How to add songs  

Step 1: go to balochsangat.com search mp3 that you uploaded. see picture below click on share:


step 2:  click on Embed and copy embed code see pic below:


step 3: Go beck to your post  write song number then click on html and past embed code near song number and all songs like this and at last click on publish post. see picture below:

How to change your website template 

Step 1: click on templates see pic below: 


Step 2:  Click on any template to see preview see pic 1:



Step 3:  Click on apply to blog see pic 2:



Congratulations you have successfully create your Mp3 website.Add more posts and albums and grow your website.submit your website to google search and share it on social networks.for more info leave a comment .best of luck

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