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Nissan's No Throttle Engine - How VVEL Works

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Why Some Nissan Engines Do Not Need A Throttle Body - VVEL
How VVEL Works - Variable Valve Event & Lift
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VVEL (Variable Valve Event & Lift) is Nissan's valve system capable of operating an engine at any RPM with the throttle wide open. The throttle does exist for as a safety back-up incase any systems fail, and also has other minor uses, however the engine can operate without it's use at any load, and any RPM. This is done by varying how much the intake valves open during the intake stroke.

For low load/RPM use, there are less pumping losses as the piston does not have to fill the intake manifold with a vacuum to draw in air. Atmospheric pressure is available right outside the intake valve. For mid load/RPM, response is immediate as you don't have to wait for the atmospheric pressure to travel through the intake manifold. For high load/RPM, you can open the valves as much as the design allows, giving you more power and torque versus single cam engines which cannot vary valve lift.

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